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land acknowledgement

We are here in Mi'kma'ki, 

the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people.

Tea Time Creation Co., all treaty people, under the Treaties of Peace and Friendship are ever grateful for those who have kept this land before our arrival. As settlers living here we are thankful this is where we live, play and create.

Between the four of us we live in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) and Punamu'kwati'jk (Dartmouth). 

There are so many places across Turtle Island that have individual place names, and we encourage you to discover more about the land you live on!

If you are in Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia) try visiting Mi'kmaw Place Names to discover the original Mi'kmaq name for where you live, camp or love to visit.

If you are elsewhere across North America, you can visit Native Land which will give you a starting point to learn about who originates the land you live on and the languages they speak.



"Szeretlek" translated from Hungarian means "I love you". 

July 10 2020


Presented by Eastern Front Theatre

Tea Time was set to remount 'First Date Last Date' as part of 2020's STAGES festival - but of course COVID-19 had other plans! The festival moved to an online "behind the curtain" look into the creative process.

We recognize that we are an all-white company. We recognize the privilege that was given to us as we grew up being able to explore the world of the arts because our parents, our grand-parents, and beyond, never had to deal with the racism that is ingrained in the structures of our society. 

We stand at a precipice for real change. 

We stand as allies. 

Our "Behind The Curtain" video will be focusing on some of our amazingly talented colleagues. They're Black, they're Indigenous, and we're handing them the microphone.  Their voices matter, their lives matter. We hope to inspire, encourage, and create a supportive community for everyone. 

xo - teatime

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