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Kiwanis Mother Goose Festival

A family event centred around Mother Goose Nursery rhymes, Tea Time was asked to bring a performance element to the scene. We wandered, played, danced, told stories, and entertained! Featuring our best impressions of Mother Goose, Jack Be Nimble and Little Miss Muffet, we incorporated any input from passers-by to add to our stories.

Walking The Debris Field

An interactive walk of North End Halifax to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, led by the NiS+T, brought out a different side of Tea Time. The Centenary Procession was peppered with appearances from characters experiencing the explosion in slow motion, the moments before and after, exploring the memory of Halifax's most historic event.

Antigonish Art Fair

Tea Time trucked up to Antigonish for the Friday night Art Fair! Alongside bubble artists, stilt walkers and live musicians, these clowns roamed and found fair-goers to play with. Dancing, exploring, and shenanigans ensued!

Downhill From Here

NiS+T created a public walk related to Terroir: A Nova Scotia Retrospecitve, an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Tea Time appeared on Citadel Hill to animate the walk and lead the audience toward their final destination.

Learn more about                           here.

Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Magnetic North marked Tea Time Creation Co.'s first collaborative effort, as live-action and guerilla promotion for the travelling theatre festival when it visited Halifax in the summer of 2014. Initially inspired by Lewis Carrol's lavish story-telling, these clowns from an up-side-down world appeared in Halifax without anything but their teacups.

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