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GIna is dead

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Winners of 2017 Fringiest Fringe award for their show First Date Last Date, Tea Time's second Fringe instalment comes in the form of "Gina Is Dead": a walking meditation, and interactive story-telling rumination on death.


Participating audience members are offered a surreal exploration of life after death to help Gina reflect on what was and what’s to come. The show follows a trio of ghost-guides who story tell, play games, sing songs and muse about life lessons -  as they guide Gina and audience through streets, into backyards and crannies of the city, all the while grappling with the big questions of life and death.


Of course, there are also cupcakes.


Tea Time’s own Gina Thornhill is on an adventure through the first steps after death, and she is so glad for your help, dear audience! 


Cost Review for the Halifax Fringe Festival - Michael Lake


"In an ambulatory memorial service, Gina is Dead has audiences exploring alleys and backyards as they are guided by a group of ghosty clowns, and Gina herself, through a sort of urban afterlife.


Dead Gina is dressed in black with an illuminated black lace umbrella. The audience is also given umbrellas, and we follow Gina and her ghosts through the streets. We stop to hear a gruesome description of how bodies decompose (complete with animated slideshow) then move onto another hidden corner to hear a tender monologue about death and memory. Along the way we also learn about Gina: her favourite colour, the last person she kissed, her preferred kind of sandwich. Too bad she's dead, she seemed pretty cool.

While the through-line of the show is somewhat fleeting, the cumulative experience of Gina is Dead is a lovely, meditative one and a refreshing change from the usual confines of a dark, stuffy theatre. "

- ML

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