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*Winner! Fringiest Fringe Award

Halifax Fringe 2017

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First Date/ Last Date

First Date Last Date is an award winning project from Tea Time Creation Co.

It is a 25 minute experiment.

FDLD seeks to play into the common ritual of going for a drink with friends with hints of the rituals and expectations inherent in the experience of going to see a play. It is chock-full of magic moments and laughs.

You arrive at the bar and purchase a drink, if you so desire. Your ticket tells you which of the performers you are on a date with for the duration of the show. You are instructed to find your date and the date begins. What follows next is the ritual of getting to know one another. The tone is playful, open and conversational. Movement interspersed with storytelling and po
etry, the performers share some of their hard-earned life lessons about love and relationships.


In the show we share stories from our lives about first love and sex and break-ups and make-ups. The show weaves its way from story to quiet moment to audience poll from the beginning of a relationship to the end. We pose the question: What is love? And at times attempt to answer it though it remains always elusive.


It is above all a conversation with the audience.

audience testimonial

"First Date, Last Date - I managed to squeeze this one into this evening's shows, and am I ever glad I did! This quartet, made up of Ailsa Galbreath, Gina Thornhill, Katie Dorian, and James MacLean, is like a breath of fresh air. You instantly feel a buoyancy from the moment you sit down, as if you've just walked into a room where you know and love every soul in it, even if they are all strangers. There is an openness and a vulnerability to this performance, combined with it being in such an intimately sized space, that you feel like you are part of it with them. If you have ever felt love, there is something for you in this show.... honest moments that everyone can relate to. A truly lovely show. Don't miss out."


Many thanks to our hosts!

First Date/Last Date promo video

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