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Romeo and Juliet: a drink along



Romeo & Juliet: A Drink Along is Time Creation Co's answer to drunk Shakespeare. 


An adaptation of the original text by Will Shakespeare built for four clowns who imbibe throughout the show, Romeo & Juliet: A Drink Along is a ridbald, fun, irreverent and confetti filled rendition of this classic work. We engage with our audience face-to-face, include them in our games, ask them to hold our drinks and even ask them to speak some parts - we are only four actors after all!

If you are interested in subversive takes on classical text, dance breaks, costume changes, love stories this is the show for you!

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Featuring banana swords, original dance choreography, hand-stitched  ruffled collars, many a beer, kissing and hand-holding, fight scenes and soft audience participation!


Original production: Conceived and created by Ailsa Galbreath, Kathleen Dorian, Gina Thornhill and James MacLean | T shirts printed by Backstage Printing |  Sound Design by Yalitsa Riden | Stage Managed by Chelsea Code-McNeil (2018) and Tessa Pekeles (2019)

preview in The Coast by Michael Lake  >>

super fun audience videos found in instagram stories >>  

"Romeo & Juliet by @teatimecreationco @goodrobotbrew was exceptional. It was everything I want my Shakespeare to be - bawdy, tender, beautifully staged, captivating and innovative. These 4 actors held a full bar full drinking patrons captive in their oh-so-capable hands, leading us expertly through a story so well known I didn’t know I could be surprised by it anymore. Breathless, you could hear a pin drop when Romeo discovers Juliet...even though we ALL knew what was coming. Bravo to 4 talented friends on an exquisite evening of theatre, and thank you for the inspiration of your risk taking."

-Laura Thorton (Whalesong Theatre)


Many thanks to our hosts!

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