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how quickly things change
collaboration with xo secret theatre

Tea Time Creation Co was thrilled to be involved with xo secret theatre's most recent iteration of How Quickly Things Change at Eastern Front Theatre's Stages Festival in 2022.

A depiction of xo artistic director Dustin Harvey's life in quick changes, filmed live and played back for the audience to an original song by Rich Au Coin- in reverse. Playing with concepts of time, meaning in life events, and the mess of it all How Quickly Things Change was an enormously fun project to be included in. Ailsa Galbreath, Gina Thornhill, and Kathleen Dorian all participated as 'quick changers', while James Maclean kept the show going as 'Stage manager'. Mary Fay Coady, fellow artist and dear friend, embodied 'Dustin' as the main subject. With Dustin himself behind the camera and the audience stepping in as background performers, we all danced around one another, playing with camera tightness and angles to create a story we would later watch all together.

The team was even nominated for a Robert Merritt Award in choreography! 

"I hope this nomination serves as a reminder that there's a rich diversity of creative expression in the theatre world and that we should continue to support and celebrate unique voices. Experimental theatre has the power to challenge norms, inspire new ideas, and foster meaningful conversations." - Dustin Harvey

Mary Fay Coady and audience background performers in

How Quickly Things Change

If you want to see the product of our work, check it out here  >>





collaboration with xo secret theatre

Tea Time and xo secret theatre were back at it again - this time at Eastern Front Theatre working on a very fun, top secret, special event. As always, the name of the game was play, interaction, breaking down walls, and in this case....A.I....

 xo secret theatre's new app-based show Alone Together, showed at Stages June 6-11, 2023. An exploration of togetherness, lonliness, and connection Alone Together uses the idea of a 'family rental agency' played out between A.I and the viewer. Using newly developed and cutting edge technology the viewer engages with the experience through the app, watching short narrative episodes, paired with interactive requests through the Alone Together app.

Find out more here : Alone Together synopsis

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